The Cure: Week 8.5 - Throwing A Party!

The Cure: Week 8.5 - Throwing A Party!

Maxwell Ryan
Jun 3, 2006

Perfect Margarita Recipe here that insures a successful party every time

Quote of the week from Russell Coleman:
"The best explanation I've seen of "simple living" is that it is about discovering what is enough in your life and discarding the rest."

Not quite done? Well, you have until Sunday ;-). But seriously, it's okay if you're not done, just don't give up. Whatever your particular timing is, just be sure that you wrap up your project and celebrate what you have done with some friends.

As Jeffrey accurately points out, the most time consuming part of the Cure is the decluttering and some of you are probably a bit more surprised at how much stuff you've had to go through than you thought you'd be. The first Cure is meant to show you - if nothing else - how much less you need to live with as well as highlighting specific areas where a lot more could be done. It gets easier and easier after that. [more below]

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The best thing about the 8 Week Cure is that it impresses itself upon you. It is now into your habits so that it stays with you. With the lesson part is over, you can simply finish the work without worrying about a whole new week popping up. After these eight weeks, all your hard work will now begin to give great benefit and you will find yourself keeping your house in shape with far less effort.

When you do it again, it will become even stronger.

I am really hoping that all of you will share some pictures of your home with us and I will post them on the blog if you send them to me. We'll congratulate each of you as you cross the finish line.

As for next week, I will happily continue these posts for the Class of June 06 next week and as long as there is interest after that (message boards are still on the to do list). The next Cure will take place in October/November, ending just before Thanksgiving.


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(The last post is here - all Worksheets are here - The Book Blog is here)
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